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Dinos with D.I.Y. Phones by red-umbreon-of-light Dinos with D.I.Y. Phones :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 1 2
Zombie apocalypse WIP by red-umbreon-of-light Zombie apocalypse WIP :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 2 0 Entertainment by red-umbreon-of-light Entertainment :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 0 3 Penguin doing something cool by red-umbreon-of-light Penguin doing something cool :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 0 3 Mustang Drift by red-umbreon-of-light Mustang Drift :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 5 5 Sign? What sign? by red-umbreon-of-light Sign? What sign? :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 16 0
The Crossroad
Three people, none of them have ever met, none of them knew what was going to happen.
One of them, a young man, Ryan, was going to have a wonderful day in his waterjet boat, maybe invite some friends.
Another one, Alison, was arguing with her boyfriend, a man who never loved her.
The last one, Gregory, a lonely young man.
Ryan opened the door to his luxury Lexus, Alison took her old Pontiac GTO, and Gregory took his compact car.
Ryan left for a day at the sea, Alison left her boyfriend and Gregory went to work.
Ryan dropped his boat keys in his house, whilst Alison and Gregory are starting their cars.
He instantly turns around and picks it up, wondering if he should stay home.
He finally leaves.
They all drive, in silence.
Alison's hair blows in her face, she stops the car and puts it in a ponytail.
They are all driving again.
On the long, painful stretch of road, Gregory looks for his glasses.
He has to stop as well to look for them in the glove box.
They keep going.
Ryan's phone ring
:iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 1 0
Life in a 'Favela'
Carlos was like any other boy, by Brazilian standards. He had no money, no food, a poor home, no education and lived in a favela. Brad was not like every other boy. He was English, rich and lived in central Sao-Paulo. Brad had been on a tour-bus to do some sightseeing and met Carlos as they passed a favela. Carlos and Brad were both thirteen years old. They became good friends and would always do something fun together. But whenever they got in trouble with the local gangs of the favelas, Brad and Carlos would save themselves by using Carlos' street-knowledge and Brad's father's influence in the favela.
One morning in Sao-Paulo, in Brad's residence:
"Brad! Did you sleep well?" Brad's mother asked him while pouring milk in his glass.
"I guess so." He grunted back, like he did every morning.
"Have you seen what's on the news?"
"Probably some new gang-thug that was shot on the street again." Brad grunted.
His father didn't look up from the newspaper.
"How did you know?" He asked with an i
:iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 1 0
Lamborghini Gallardo SL by red-umbreon-of-light Lamborghini Gallardo SL :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 1 1 SUV design by red-umbreon-of-light SUV design :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 0 0 High Speed Pass WIP by red-umbreon-of-light High Speed Pass WIP :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 0 3 What Would You Sacrifice? WIP by red-umbreon-of-light
Mature content
What Would You Sacrifice? WIP :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 2 0
Crossing a fiery desert by red-umbreon-of-light Crossing a fiery desert :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 4 2 Land Rover in the desert by red-umbreon-of-light Land Rover in the desert :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 1 3 omegle 5 by red-umbreon-of-light omegle 5 :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 0 1 omegle 4 by red-umbreon-of-light omegle 4 :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 1 1 Omegle 3 by red-umbreon-of-light Omegle 3 :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 0 0 ID mothafucka by red-umbreon-of-light ID mothafucka :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 0 3 Need For Speed WORLD 2 by red-umbreon-of-light Need For Speed WORLD 2 :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 0 2 Need For Speed WORLD by red-umbreon-of-light Need For Speed WORLD :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 0 0 Narvik 3 by red-umbreon-of-light Narvik 3 :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 1 2 Narvik 2 by red-umbreon-of-light Narvik 2 :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 2 1 Narvik by red-umbreon-of-light Narvik :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 3 2 Stadium escape by red-umbreon-of-light Stadium escape :iconred-umbreon-of-light:red-umbreon-of-light 0 1


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